September 8, 2016


In numerous households, television is the primary source of information and entertainment. With careful program selection, TV can also be a learning tool. While there are people who think television is the best friend, there are others who claim that it is the root of all evil. The truth is, before the invention of television in 1923, the human species survived without television. At this age of technology, is it possible to stay away from these sophisticated multimedia devices?


Advancement in technology has made it easier to do away with TV. For instance, availability of the Internet allows one to watch favorite program at their own time. Any individual who watches their TV show this way benefits financially in two ways; they cut the cost of paying for the TV cable, and with minimum exposure to advertisements, they are less motivated to purchase goods they don’t need (Spiegel, 2009). As a source of information, the Internet allows people to share news fast. Anyone with a smartphone can report and observe any event more immediately than TV (Dilworth, 2013).

Alternatively, in a household with children, parents should encourage exercises, games, and gardening. Watching TV hour after hour replaces play activities with passivity rather than activity. According to Walter, TV stifles children’s ability to express ideas sensitively and logically. Children should spend their free time outdoors getting dirty, bruised and exhausted. A physically fit and healthy child is more likely achieve more in life (Walter L. Larimore, Stephen Sorenson, Amanda Sorenson, 2004).

In summary, it is possible to live without TV. Since other alternatives are available and are accessible at any time and from anywhere, TV is not a necessity. Also, it is healthier for children to spend time playing outside.


Gloria Price
September 22, 2016 at 2:39 am

Nowadays, a huge amount of people using computers and mobile phones for searching last news, listening music etc. So based of this fact, as for me we could live without TV))

Abigail Caldwell
September 30, 2016 at 3:48 am

Gloria I agree with you! Nowadays, is era of computers, so each of us I think, could live without TV))


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