September 2, 2016

Sex Education

Sex education may sound inappropriate to be taught in schools to some parent, but I think that it is important that sex education is taught to children especially those who are above ten years. The topic may make the children especially those at their adolescent, feel uncomfortable discussing it with their teachers, this is normal because of the age difference. However, despite all those factors sex education should be made compulsory to be taught in schools. Children who are taught sex education acquire information and know the beliefs about sex, it also help them form an attitude (Magoon, 2010). They also learn about sexual identity, how they should handle relationships and intimacy. The young people are able to make right choices develop confidence and feel competent in the choices they make. This education gives advice to the young people how sex can be dangerous if it is done on the wrong time (Magoon, 2010). They are taught the significance of abstaining from sex, this is the only thing expected from the teachers to teach the children. Abstaining helps avoid early pregnancies, sexually transmitted illness among other problems associated with health. They are made aware that children bearing at the early age bring a problem to the child and the parents. They are taught how to remain faithful in future in their marriages and relationships and also abstaining from sex outside marriage. They learn about the dangers outside marriage (Quinlivan, 2013).


The children are taught how to refuse sexual advances, they are made aware that alcohol and use of drugs make them vulnerable to sexual advances, therefore, they should ensure they do not use any of these. Children are taught on the significance of being self-sufficient before engaging themselves in sexual activities. Sex education also involves informing the young people about contraceptives and the use of protections, with this they avoid the risk of getting negative outcomes from sex (Quinlivan, 2013).

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