September 14, 2016

High-Level Jobs for Women


There is equal treatment between woman and man before the eyes of the law. I believe that most of these high-level jobs should be performed by qualified individuals. Therefore, the government should discourage a given percentage of high-level jobs to be reserved for women as this will be unfair and discrimination to men (United States, 2000). The paper will analyze how government should ensure that women receive high level jobs instead of introducing discriminative law.


High-Level Jobs for Women

Those jobs should be based on the merit and qualification but not on gender basis. On the other hand, man and women are treated equal and therefore, there should be no special attention towards women. In most states, such discrimination does not bring peace and stability. Proper management is the most important skill required in holding a high-level job and any person who is allocated such posts must be qualified and knowledgeable. Therefore, unqualified women who are given these high-level posts may lack management skills and lead to the failure of different organizations thus harming the country’s economy (Bernard & Mary, 2010).

The government should implement appropriate strategies to ensure that most of these women are equipped with different skills needed for proper management. The method can be achieved if the government provides education to women, which enable them to compete with men and get high-level jobs. Women should also pressure their own government to provide complete women rights. This can help women realize their rights and duties (Jacqueline, Shirley & Heather, 2008).


Therefore, honor and dignity should not be provided based on gender, but any man or woman should hold high-level jobs if he or she is qualified. There is no need for the government to specialize law for women for them to attain high-level jobs. If the women are provided with better education and be knowledgeable, they will easily attain their goals.

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