August 26, 2016

Health factor


Modern lifestyles have necessitated new trends existent in the healthcare sector. Specialist services and niche services are affecting the quality of health services in public hospitals. Policies enacted should enhance equitable access to health care services.


Health Factor

The changing scope of the health has significantly affected the quality of the services offered in most hospitals. Health issues often elicit divergent views from the public. The Obama health care law had caused a lot of furore on the basis of health matters in the USA. Doctors are establishing hospital catering for particular needs such as plastic surgery and wealthy individuals. The essay seeks to analyse the changing trends and elaborate solutions to the challenges.

Specialist services

Changing consumer and cultural lifestyles has substantially altered health needs of the public. Most developed countries have efficient health systems such that diseases caused by hygiene and parasites are considerably declined. Lifestyle diseases such as Obesity and diabetes are on the rise on the basis of changing lifestyles of the population in developed countries. However, doctors have preferred to serve particular niches in a bid to boost revenue streams for the hospitals (Patz, 2000, p. 367). Recent studies indicate an increasing number of doctors specializing in plastic surgery owing to the demand for the service. Celebrities have influenced the demand for plastic surgery amongst the population. Doctors’ preference for specialist positions and higher incomes has deprived the quality public health care in government hospitals. Moreover, more private hospitals have been established to cater for wealthy individuals in the wake of increasing gaps in income levels amongst the population in developed countries. The government has introduced an equitable insurance scheme to solve the challenge and allow equity in access to healthcare (Clinton, 2006, p. 2206). The government should also ensure compulsory defined periods for graduate doctors to work in public hospitals for a minimum of two years and increment of salaries and bonuses for physicians in government hospitals.

Conclusively, the government has a duty to provide health services equitably in a country. Favourable policies should be implemented to support access to quality health care in public hospitals.

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