September 25, 2016

Factors that influence decisions of news editors

Media today has a great influence in society, being a source of transmitting and receiving information. For this reason, news editors have the task to decide what reaches the recipients, more so how the recipients will perceive the information. While doing this, they have a primary objective of getting a fair share in the market and make as much profits as they can from this business. In a bid to attract utmost attention especially in print media, news editors use appealing headlines that often lead people to yearn for more.


Various factors influence the decisions of news editors. Media groups are often affected by external groups and individuals such as political parties and the content they feature may be more subjective than objective. This can lead to a bias towards a certain group and prejudice towards another. Television and print media content is also affected by demand. News editors tend to report more of issues affecting people. People are now able to give feedback and input on the content aired especially with through social media such as twitter (Chichfoi, 2013).This enables editors to be more responsive to the readers and recipient’s preferences.

Mudhai (2012) asserts that technology today has highly affected journalism and has expanded the sources of information from the local media to international media especially through the use of internet. In order to appeal to their target groups, some media groups use gossip especially involving well known people as well as seductive images and messages that evoke people’s emotions and differentiated opinions.

In conclusion, the news and information we receive today through television and print media has been influenced by a number of factors such as technology, commercialization and even political reasons. These factors affect the objectivity and authenticity of information.

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