August 29, 2016

The destruction of the world’s forests is inevitable as our need for land and grows. Do you agree?

According to Kissock (2007), forests are very imperative for anything with life to survive on earth. Forests provide the air all living things breathe, as well as maintaining climate stability. They provide homes for over two-thirds of plants and animals found on earth. It is difficult for planet earth to sustain any form of life without help from forests. Despite the importance of the forests, many people have continued destroying them consistently. As a result, I agree with the statement that forest destruction is inevitable.


People are cutting down forests to create space for construction of buildings and factories. Some individuals seek permission from relevant authorities, but others cut down the forests illegally. Increased population across the globe has resulted to people cutting down forests for occupation purposes. The increased number of forests cut for human population is an indication that the need for land in production of food and construction has grown with the population (Watkins & Griffiths, 2000).

Cutting of forests destroys the wild life habitats, resulting in many wild animals becoming extinct. In addition, when dangerous wild animals have no habitat, they have no choice but attack people in homes searching for food. Federal governments and other related bodies can fight forest extinction by changing building structures to accommodate more people. For example, the old buildings can change to modern storied apartments, allowing many individuals to own homes.

The major challenge with such measures is the increased cost involved in the changes, which many developing countries cannot afford. Education, Research and development can play a major role in fighting forest destruction across the world. Children must learn from an early age that forest destruction means destroying life on earth, thus giving them a chance to become conscious (Vandermeer & Perfecto, 2005).

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