September 7, 2016

Children Should Not Be Homeschooled

Education is an integral part of an individual’s life. Learning imparts knowledge and understanding to a student as it exposes them to many aspects of life. In this regard, homeschooling has gained traction in various countries. However, it is important for one to consider certain realities before they enroll their kids in homeschooling programs. This paper demonstrates the cons of homeschooling and the reason one should avoid registering their minors to this curriculum.


According to Linsenbach (2010), the children do not learn the essence of time management. When the kid learns from their home, no one expects them to conform to certain schedules. If the minor chooses not to work under a particular set of instructions, their parents cannot force them into cooperating with them.  On the other hand, the kid will follow a specific protocol when they learn from a school. Time management is an essential skill that the kids need to learn.

Millman and Millman (2008) write that homeschooling deprives the children the opportunity to interact with their peers. Research demonstrates that the social skills are essential in the kid’s life since teamwork attainments are mandatory at some point in their life. Furthermore, learning from home denies the child the opportunity to gauge their performance against their peers. This deprivation can impact negatively on the child’s psychology. In this light, the parents should avoid educating their young ones from home.

Also, homeschooling frequently restricts the children to their cocoons. A child cannot interact freely with people if they do not get the exposure. The children who learn from schools tend to have higher confidence levels than their homeschooled counterparts. Research asserts that non-homeschooling improves the confidence of the kid (Linsenbach, 2010). Self-confidence is crucial in a person’s life and exposing one’s child to a school environment effectively imparts this assurance.

In conclusion, people should do away with homeschooling. Homeschoolers often lack the crucial societal skills that their future employers might require them to have. In this regard, the parents of such children can fill these skill voids by enrolling them in formal schools. So, individuals should not teach their children from the home and need to take them to school instead.

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