The issue of number of vehicles increasing on roads has become a major problem in recent years in most countries worldwide. These days, people are being urged to use other kinds of transport and laws have also been introduced in effort to regulate the over growing number of vehicles in many countries. In this research […]

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Health factor

Abstract Modern lifestyles have necessitated new trends existent in the healthcare sector. Specialist services and niche services are affecting the quality of health services in public hospitals. Policies enacted should enhance equitable access to health care services. Health Factor The changing scope of the health has significantly affected the quality of the services offered in […]

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Car Ownership in Developing Countries

The transport sector contains different units including cars. Cars are often used for transportation purposes. In the developing countries, the transport system is less developed compared to that in developed country hence congestion is a common occurrence. Additionally, developing countries face the problem of environmental pollution which is caused by car emissions. Congestion and worrying […]

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